Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick July 6th, 2011 Update!

Shalom Friends,

Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and everything you need will be added to you! -Jesus

Greetings to you form Cape Charles, VA! Oh how the joy of the Lord rules and reigns when we abide in his presence and will! PTL! That's the providing, all encompassing God we serve that wants to meet every need we have! He is doing that for us; body, soul, and spirit here in Virginia!

This finds us at Cape Charles, Virginia in 5,000 square foot house, having a tremendously refreshing time with family at a house that we found on, a site suggested to us by Dale Cobbs. What a place and time we've had. We gathered here on Saturday, July 2 and for the most part, everyone was here through Tuesday. Two of my brothers, a married nephew, and many young nieces and nephews for a total of 22 spent the Holiday week/end together.

Our house is located on the water and we have our own private beach to go swimming in. That consumed a tremendous amount of our time in a completely private environment. So awesome! Awesome! Just family for as far as you could see for almost the whole time. There were times that the neighbors went to their private beach, but very seldom! Just hang out in the water and fellowship/communicate, or throw football, or catch sand dollars, hermit crabs, or other sea creatures! PTL!

On Sunday, after watching the service at Sunrise Chapel - live, we had a wonderful time of worship and exhorting each other in the things of God, while sharing together in singing! Everyone took turns singing their turn, as well as we sang together, lifting up the Name of Jesus! Our hearts were lifted up to the Lord, and he spoke his oracles as we shared together! In the evening, we showed the pictures of Israel to the family!

Cheryl and I will be leaving here tomorrow and heading back to Northern Virginia where we lived when we got married, and I had pastored there with Pastor Bob and served as Youth Minister before we moved to Indiana!

Our schedule is a little in the air, as one of my uncles, dad's brother, is in his final days, unless the Lord intervenes. We would then likely head to Ohio for that funeral.

Our next several destinations in order (unless the funeral would dictate otherwise) are;
  • Northern Virginia
  • Lancaster, PA with my brother Ervin and his family
  • Lewisburg, PA with Cheryl's grandparents
  • New Jersey with our friends Seth and Stephanie Brown and perhaps in Delaware as well
  • Northern Virginia again
  • Family Campout in Southeastern Ohio
  • Indiana :-)
Oh how I pray the arms of God to grace each life, over and over, and find each one of us faithful to his Lordship!

Brethren, pray for us! In Him, forever, Lael and Cheryl