Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Post and Update; June 21, 2011

Hello dearest of friends and family! To all of those we know and love; grace to you and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ! And greetings from Cheryl and I, dwelling in Israel, Tiberius!

I shall write a quick post and update of our days visiting in Jerusalem. It is so overwhelming, earthshattering, and life changing to be here and walk in the footsteps of those who have walked long before us on this sin-cursed earth, and yet have left us a path of faithfulness and power to walk in - the greatest of which, of course, is our precious Jesus!

We have traveled each day (Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday) to Jerusalem and have seen some incredible things. Todd Horton and his fabulous son, Josiah, have gone with us and charted our course for us, while taking in some new sights for themselves!

On Saturday (Jewish Shabbat), we went to the Old City and walked its breadth and width, as well as going to the Garden Tomb, which I strongly believe is the authentic site where Jesus died, was buried, and rose again! Enough already; let me get started!

In the Old City, Jerusalem, we parked and then walked many miles - I'm guessing 7-10. We saw a reproduction of the Ark of the Covenant.

This is the very exact same Minorah that they plan to use when the temple is rebuilt! It was also on display on our trek into the Old City!

We saw the incredible, original Citadel of David, where his armies' headquarters were stationed. Yes, David! The one who had such a heart after God!

We saw and toured the underground tunnels as well as the above ground wall, known as the Western Wall or Wailing Wall. With the temple destroyed and Isreal given their National status again in '67, the closest they believe they can get to the Holy of Holies is the Western Wall. There they gather to pray, intercede, and beg for their Messiah to come. They believe with all their hearts that he will come soon (for the first time). It's so sad; you just weep as you watch them. We are praying for an unveiling of the sleeping eyes!

We saw the very steps that our Lord would enter into the temple from many times when he lived among us as God in the flesh!

We viewed and went to the Mount of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane where our Lord shall return to with his feet, where the earth will rend, and he will open and pass through the Golden gate! Oh my Lord! My Lord! Yes, even so come Lord Jesus!

I stood inside the Golden Gate today, and implored him to come quickly!

The Garden Tomb where he was crucified on Golgotha Hill, and the Tomb itself where he was laid was very earth-shattering! You can see the very place where he laid before he raised again, and the sealed grave could not hold him! The place Cheryl is pointing to, we believe, is the very steel stake that was used to seal the tomb! Please see Ron Wyatt's work (video) for more information on this!

We toured an awesome museum and viewed so many things of ancient history to fairly current things! We could have spent all day plus 10 and not finish. Amazing! Everything from artifact from Abraham's time and before, to a building dedicated to the Qumran scroll discoveries, and then also the re-creation of Herod's Temple!

We saw and toured the remains of David's City and his House. It's sad that so little is left! For 45-55 minutes, Cheryl and I braved and walked through Hezekiah's Tunnel, the water source that he hewed in cave form to supply the city with water, as well as the Pool of Siloam! What a work of art as well as what I believe is a divine word from heaven to accomplish such a feat!

When we re-entered to the Western Wailing Wall, we entered to the joyful sound of shouting, and a Worship Band playing by the very Wall. When we approached, we saw the Orthodox Jews, the liberals, and the army men all dancing, singing, shouting, and 'what not all' together. It was absolutely overwhemingly joyful to observe. You couldn't help but join in!

What was the cause?!?!?! Someone had donated a Torah Scroll to them valued at over $2,000. So, they got a praise band in, a Division of the Army, and many people to rejoice for the event, as well as for the dedication of the scroll! Amazing to see and so valuable a lesson for us!

On our way out I saw a man helping people to wrap their arms and heads with the law of God. I went to him to inquire more, (as those of you from Sunrise know that I have had high interest in this). He thought he smelled a rat, as in me attacking him, and got very defensive. He told me that I should be put to death for trying to steal people away from God's own nation. Well, I had said no such thing and just loved him and prayed for him, rather than being defensive or argumentive. He soon calmed down and God opened excellent doors for me to minister, both to him but more to the two men with him! PTL! Pray for him and them.

We also went to the Herodian! WOW! What an amazingly great and sad story! More on this later, but here is a picture of his palace and pool to hold you for now!

And, to save the best and most precious till last; I walked on the very streets where my Jesus was held, tried, and covicted by Herod and Pontius Pilate! I discovered that it is the very place where Abraham offered up Isaac as well aka Mt Moriah many years before. It is the very place where he will come again on the last day! When he comes the second time, he will not be tried, bound, crucified, or in anything be held by man! No, he was, and is, and is to come the King of kings, and Lord of lords - FOREVER! Oh Hallelujah!

I aim to be faithful and true to him; watching and waiting with eager anticipation for his return. I'm ready! Are you! Yes Lord! With love to all, in Him, Lael


  1. Speechless again from the magnificence of your post!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  2. As I looked at the last picture, it hit me the contrast between an earthly view (scary, the building and power massive)and a Heavenly perspective (simply means by which God's purposes were accomplished). Thanks for sharing so well and so much! It means alot see and hear from yous and to take in these awesome sights via technology and your kindness (in getting less sleep to do it probably :)

  3. Wow!! When I think about that God knew from the beginning that you would walk these streets and experience Him in a much deeper way....and then, if God permits, come home to us and be soo renewed and invigorated in Him....I stand in awe of Him, because He knows just what we need and when we need it!! Thank you Lord!!

  4. Loving browsing thru the blog posts. The pix are incredible. I can only imagine what a magnificent time you both are having. Blessings on the rest of your journey. Looking forward to reading more!!
    Megan (aka: Gary) ;-)