Saturday, June 25, 2011

Report of Sodom and Gomorrah

Hello Dear Friends and family,
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ rest upon you today as you experience his presence where ever you are! I find it so amazing that the God of Israel has a part of his being called his Spirit that is present everywhere! It matters not whether you are in Harlan at the Youth Conference, or in missions in Africa, or in Israel, the place where Jesus himself walked; his precious Holy Spirit is present when he is welcomed in a life or in a place. Oh Hallelujah! Isn’t that wonderful! PTL!

Time is winding down so fast and almost unbelievable that in less than a week we will be back in the States on the east coast for a month or more!

On Wednesday, the 22nd we headed south to Sodom and Gomorrah to do some archeological digging of our own. We were on the top of Masada several weeks ago and were so enthralled in seeing the ruins of those cities surrounding Masada that we said we must return just for that. Literally when you drive to the place it is like black and white, start and stop of where the cities’ ruins are. There is absolutely no mistaking that there is complete diabolical difference in the soil types there. The mountains and valleys are rock, solid rock, right up to the ruins. How are these places ashes? We must find out!

So, off we went! Enroute, we stopped at the regular coffee stop and Todd bought his son, eight year old King Josiah, a camel ride. Josiah says that this is his favorite thing in Israel so far for the 6 years he’s been here!

Then we headed on down to leave the ladies at a spa and shopping center below Masada. We felt like the time in the ruin-desert would be too much for them; let them rest!

So after that, away we went to 108-115 degree Fahrenheit conditions. Oh yes, and no wind moving at all! . What an amazing time we had. We got there and began to climb some of the “walls and large former buildings”. We were absolutely overwhelmed at the nothingness of the remains.
Friends, let me tell you, the softness and emptiness of the remains is soooooo beyond belief! You touch the walls and you break it away! You rub your finger across it and its chalkiness, and it leaves a distinct mark.

There was something so interesting that we discovered and were intrigued by. It appears that there were two pyramids at an entrance, and just inside a large monuments or pillar. Look at it! 

We also saw what appeared to be a large sphinx, an idol that was/is very common in Egypt, (encyclopedia photo) but we could not get near enough to get a good photo of it!

We moved on to try to find what appeared to be some of the the windows of the original city that we had seen from the road.  We could not get there and very easily and discovered that we had wandered quite a ways, perhaps a mile or two from the vehicle. So I told Wayne and Matt that I will go back to get the vehicle and pick them up on the other side. So, I headed back. Well I thought I could find it okay, but was a little wrong. I ventured down into one valley and then another. I thought at one time that it sounded very hollow under me, more so than normal, when suddenly I walked up to the edge of a huge caved in hole. Whoa, thank you Lord for protecting me! I walked on and realized that I couldn’t get down from the valley I was in. Whoa again! Then I realized that I was almost out of water. There was a certain amount of phobia that set in, but I soon got my bearings and realized that it is virtually impossible to get lost. So, I asked the Lord for strength and grace to find my way back.

When I finally got to the vehicle, I was absolutely exhausted and drained, with almost no strength to go on. Todd and Josiah were there, praying that we were okay. We drove on around to where we were to find Wayne and Matt. They weren’t there until we got about a half mile further – they were absolutely drained and exhausted. Wayne had depleted his water and had started on Matt’s third bottle. Wow, God’s grace was distinctly looking over us! 

I need to tell you of a huge blessing the Lord gave me. I had heard that basically it was impossible to find sulfur balls that remain there unless you come right after a rain, which is very rare too. Others that I had talked to that have been there many times may have found one that is the size of a pea. So my hopes were not very high. Nevertheless, I had the audacity to ask the Lord to please show me something; let me find at least one sulfur ball that is evidence of the method of destruction! I felt the Lord tell me to go to the first place. I began to rub on the wall and I found a small, pea sized one. I was ecstatic! Suddenly I felt compelled to look down at my feet, and I began to find them like finding mushrooms on a great day! When I finished there, I heard the Lord say to go to my right to a place he showed me.
When I finished, I had found a gallon sized Ziploc bag almost half full! PTL! Ron Wyatt says there is enough heat in one of these balls, that if you put it on a stainless steel teaspoon, it will melt the spoon!

The Bible says that God rained fire and brimstone on these wicked cities! Oh my! The wrath and fury of God that he unleashed on them and left them nothing more than these massive cities, hewn into the mountain rock, melted down to nothing but layers of cakes of chalk!

And these balls of sulfur came down from heaven in massive size, and as they melted the rock, the rock encapsulated them and extinguished them, leaving them as evidence for us today! My Lord! How wonderful to find these.

When we finished, we were obviously absolutely exhausted and hung out to dry – it seemed. And, we were covered in the talc-like dust/powder from head to toe! I tell you folks, it was one of the better days in Israel; to see and feel the reminder of the effect of the hand of God raining judgment on a wicked and abominable city!

The Word of God says that there is another day coming that will burn as an oven! He means what he says, and says what he means! It will come and that is certain! He said he will not destroy the earth with a flood again but with fire. And it will not be contained to one or so cities; it will be worldwide! Oh, it behooves us to be ready for that day. And not only ready personally, but take other souls with you to glory!

I love you all! In Him and for the Kingdom of Heaven, Lael     

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  1. Made one fear before God to read this. Oh, I am so thankful for Jesus and for the Holy Spirit to minister peace or there would be nothing but terror in my heart right now realizing again the awful holiness and certain judgement of God. Oh, He is sooo great! Hallelujah!

    Missed you this weekend, but He is here and with you there. We saw Him move this weekend at Youth Alive. Glory to Jesus for the finished work on the cross and the Holy Spirit for the ongoing work He is doing! God is so great!